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Peter Frelinghuysen, MDPeter Frelinghuysen, MD

Dr. Frelinghuysen is a highly respected surgical partner in this practice. He approaches patients carefully and individualizes his treatment plan to match their unique conditions. He evaluates each patient’s history thoroughly, establishing a detailed account of that patient’s condition. This is followed by a complete physical exam of the spine and neurological system.

Dr. Frelinghuysen makes certain that there is ample time for all questions and concerns. If family members are present (which Dr. Frelinghuysen strongly encourages) their contributions are welcome.

When tests are ordered (often X-rays and MRI or CT scans) Dr. Frelinghuysen makes certain to specify the highest fidelity imaging available.

He always schedules an office visit to review the images with his patient, often using a model and explaining the anatomy in clear and simple language–free of jargon. If there is an abnormal finding on the images, he clearly points it out, and compares it to a normal area. In that way, the confusing terminology and diagnoses are made clear. Dr. Frelinghuysen encourages family members to participate in this part of the treatment as well and always sets aside plenty of time to answer all questions.

After a diagnosis is arrived at Dr. Frelinghuysen makes specific treatment proposals. Non-operative care is always considered first. This may consist of oral medications or physical therapy, as well as less traditional options such as yoga and meditation. If those approaches are not effective, a patient is then referred for pain management evaluation and perhaps localized injections.

If a patient does not respond to conservative therapy, or has a specific condition that requires surgery, Dr. Frelinghuysen will describe the surgical treatment options in great detail. Again, models and pictures are used to explain the surgery in a straightforward manner. Family members and loved ones are encouraged to take part in the decision-making process, as well, where the risks and benefits of surgery are clearly presented.

If you decide that surgery is the best course of treatment for you, Dr. Frelinghuysen will perform all of your surgery himself, including positioning and set-up in the operating room and the final closure and dressing. His surgeries are always assisted by a highly-skilled Physician Assistant. During your post-operative stay in the hospital, Dr. Frelinghuysen will visit you every day and manage your care very closely.

Follow-up care is important for all of his patients. Surgical patients are followed for at least a year after surgery sometimes even longer.

Dr. Frelinghuysen is in constant contact with his office staff at all times, so he is always easy to reach and available to promptly answer any and all questions you may have.

Dr. Frelinghuysen wants his patients to recover and he works tirelessly to make that happen.


  • American Board of Orthopedic Surgery

Education & Medical Schools

  • MD, Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • General Surgery Residency, New York Presbyterian-Weill Medical Center
  • Orthopedics Residency, Hospital for Special Surgery
  • Fellowship, Spine Surgery, Hospital for Special Surgery
  • B.A., Princeton University

Awards & Distinctions

  • Received Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2010)

Hospitals & Affiliations 

  • Lenox Hill Hospital (New York)
  • Mt. Sinai Hospital (New York)


Dr. Frelinghuysen has authored numerous articles in medical publications, including “The Orthopedics Clinics of North America,” “The Spine Journal,” “Journal of Spinal Disorders and Techniques” and “The Journal of Hand Surgery.”